Blooms Academy boarding facility is located at Owena close Sun City Estate Abuja. We offer a highly secure and safe learning environment for all our children to thrive in. we have become a second home and have a highly committed pastoral team who work with utmost compassion. The welfare of our children is at the fore front as we work tirelessly to improve their time with us whenever possible.

Blooms Academy hostel are separated into male and female hostel. We have four different houses that children can be accepted into. These houses are depicted by the colors blue, red, green and yellow. Our boarding facility is designed to make you feel just like home as all our hostels are air conditioned, fully equipped and have all the furniture you would expect to see. In their spare time our children are able to study and socialize in a common room with controlled TV and internet subscription, or take part in exciting extracurricular activities.

The well-trained chefs at Blooms Academy provide a balanced and varied nutritional diet of delicious food served in our spacious dining hall. Our children are encouraged not to keep cash so we use a ticket-based system for purchases, haircut, hair braiding and more.

We take security and safety of all our children to be extremely important despite been situated on Sun City Estate we are on guard 24 hours a day and 7 days a week irrespective of on session and off session periods. With the level of our state of the earth security we guarantee the safety of every student. 

Our children are provided access to our hospital: Mayfield Hospital for treatment of basic ailments such as malaria fever, typhoid fever, cold, diarrhea, minor injuries and laboratory tests such as Widal, malaria, urinalysis, abdominal pelvic scan, x-ray to mention a few.

Our boarding accommodates children in both the primary and secondary section of the school. Furthermore, in order to address the needs of some parents who may, for one reason or the other want to bring their children to the hostel for a short period of time, we have also decided to introduce short term boarding for convenience sake without having to pay the full boarding fee. This short term boarding are open to children in both the primary and secondary.

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