School Policies & Rules

This is the list Policies, Rules, Guidelines and some are Mandatory requirement of our school for Internal Administration, Good Practice Guideline and for Effective Management, Discipline and Display of Good Etiquette of all concerned individuals associated with our School. Relevant ones, not shown here is either under review or being prepared and would be made accessible to concerned person only upon discretion of the School Management.

Some of the policies, rules, regulation and procedures below is under review by our School Legal Adviser & Company Secretary and any item indicated in this list, its words or contents, cannot be taken up for arbitration in any court of law of any nation, since only these documents are under review and are being modified and updated from time to time. Please note that the list is by no means exhaustive and will need to be updated in light of changes in government legislation.

Policies – Policies contains the regulations and guidance that underpin a governing bodies decision-making process. Policies describe what must be done and the rationale behind them

Procedures – A procedure is a series of actions or operations that have to be executed in the same manner on each occasion. The School Management may produce procedures to indicate how a policy will be implemented.

Duties – A duty is an obligation that an individual or a group of individuals must make arrangements to comply with.