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NEWSLETTER 2021/2022


I hope you and our children had a wonderful summer holiday. I do hope also that our learners are relaxed, recharged and ready to start a fresh academic year starting Monday 20th September, 2021. They are warmly welcome.

As earlier stated, our general theme for the 2021/2022 session is : Exploring the strategies of learning. Be prepared for wealth of innovations that would transform the learning abilities of your children.

This shall be a term full of changes. In order to achieve the best cooperation from you, we have decided to share with you weekly expectations. Please, take time to read and be guided. Check out the following information:

Pupils/Students are expected to dress neatly and appropriately to school at all times.

• At Early Years & Primary sections, all pupils should wear their school uniform with white socks or panty hose and black school shoes. The sportswear should be worn with black socks and sports shoes of choice. Girls can wear black, blue or grey hair band to match the school colours.
However, for safety of the kids, BEADS are NOT allowed at the Early Years.

• At Secondary section, all students should wear their uniforms with black socks or panty hose and black school shoes. The sportswear should be worn with any coloured socks and sports shoes of choice. Girls can choose to wear black, blue or silver hair bands. School Blazers must be worn on Assembly days.

• Girl’s hair should ALWAYS be neatly made; hair extensions should be at most 2 inches longer than the hair and must ALWAYS be packed in a bun. Coloured extensions, weaves and excessive hairdo are NOT allowed.
Boys should have their hair neatly cut at all times.

• NO form of jeweleries (wristband, bracelet or neck chain) is allowed apart from simple non-dangling earrings and a modest wristwatch.

We are pleased to inform you that our pupils / students would resume swimming lessons this term. We appeal to parents to ensure they have the appropriate swimming gear; swimming suit, swimming cap, goggles, swimming towel and a pair of flip-flop.

Please note that bikini wears are NOT allowed. We strongly advise that our girls from Upper Primary to Secondary wear a pair of biker shorts with their swimming suits.

However, that would not be necessary if the suits already have shorts underneath. Anyone who is not properly dressed would not be allowed to take the class.

On this note, we shall give out consent forms this week. Please, note that it is only those whose consent forms are duly signed by parents that would be allowed to partake in the swimming lessons.

We appeal to you to ensure your child(ren) are in school early every morning and they are picked up at the appropriate time in the afternoon. Resumption is from 7:00 am to 7:40am, please note that the school gate will be closed by 8:10am except for Playgroup Pupils.

The closing time for Early Years is 1:30pm while for all other sections is 3.00pm. However, the closing time for all section is 1:30pm Children shall henceforth be picked from our Front desk office.

All pupils/students will receive their Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards this week. As soon as they get these cards, it will be mandatory for them to check in and out of school daily with the QR codes imprinted on the card.

We are grateful for the prompt payment of fees. In the same vein, we appeal that those who wish to patronize our meals or snacks should endeavour to buy tickets from the accounts office as collection of cash would not be allowed.

We look forward to celebrating birthdays with our children on the exact date of their birthdays. However, we implore you to keep the celebration in line with the following rules:

• Party Packs should be purely educative materials.

• The only items allowed for the celebration is the birthday cake and non-fizzy/non-carbonated drinks for the pupils/students. Drinks may also be provided for the teachers/staff.

• The celebrant may wear mufti to school on the day.

• Photographs could be taken only during the short break period.

Whole School Resumption: Monday, 20th September, 2021

Career Path Orientation for the Year 10 students: Monday, 20th September 2021

Prefect Investiture: Friday, 8th October 2021

Ankara Day: Friday 5th November, 2021
Ankara Day is a day we have set aside to take place every term to promote our cultural heritage. On such day, all pupils / students are to come to school dressed in beautifully sewn Ankara.

Please, ensure your children come to school always with their nose mask. We shall continue to enforce the ‘No mask, No Entry’ policy as well as frequent hand washing exercise, use of hand sanitizer and physical distancing for optimal safety.

As earlier communicated, our clubs and societies will take a new dimension this term. Please, note:
Clubs and Societies will no longer be optional. All pupils/students must belong to at least one club for the term. Club uniforms will be worn on club days

Saturdays have been set aside as our skill acquisition / entrepreneur days. It is important to clarify that Saturday skill acquisition programme is NOT a substitute for club activities

We shall begin to get the children accustomed to how to log in into the school portal this week. This will enable them to begin to use e-library and access information on the portal. They will also be able to access our content notes on each subject.

Our boarders have finally moved into our new ultra modern hostel which was commissioned and dedicated on Saturday, 18th September, 2021. We appreciate all who took time out of their schedule to attend the programme.

On behalf of the Chairman, Management and members of staff, I appreciate you all and promise you value for your patronage. Thank you for choosing us.

Uchenna Adeyinka

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