Newsletter for December, 2017

Dear Sir,


It was like yesterday when we started January together, how time flies! We praise GOD ALMIGHTY that HE has brought us to the end of the year 2017.

All the children you entrusted into our hands were kept safe throughout the year. It is on record that we lost no student, no staff and no parent! What a special grace bestowed on us!

I would like to sincerely thank ALL the parents for the love shared, the suggestions offered, the services rendered whenever invited and above all, the trust reposed in us. The Parents Teachers Forum Executives were exceptionally good and supportive throughout the year 2017. We thank everybody that crossed our path in the year 2017 for making BLOOMS a school of choice.

I cannot close this section without thanking all the pupils and students of the Academy for being very responsible throughout the year: there was no cause to suspend or expel any child. This could not have been possible if the Academy and the parents were not working together; the synergy and harmony between the home and school rubs well on the children! I therefore solicit for more in the years ahead. Together, we make them better and in return, we make our future better.




  • The Academy promised patents of an “ASSOCIATION”. The pledge was fulfilled with the establishment of The
    Excursion to railway station

    Excursion to railway station

    Parents Teachers’ Forum in May 2017.

  • We pledged we shall commence The Senior Secondary School Programme before the end of 2017; we did not disappoint the parents and our students on that promise. The Senior Secondary School is running effectively and students are enjoying their studies.
  • It was announced to parents that we were going to raise the academic bar through core curricular professional competences. Yes! We recruited NINE new experienced teachers to boost delivery and academic excellence.
  • It was one of our resolute promises to make our children critical thinkers and independent learners. The Academy has stepped up curricular activities through effective monitoring and constant review of academic activities. In addition, we have signed educational partnership programmes with some countries through their embassies/agents, namely: the United Kingdom, France and Netherlands. As a follow-up to this partnership, Blooms Academy students were recently hosted at the French Embassy in November of 2017.
    Parents Support At Career Day

    Parents Support At Career Day

  • Another pledge made that BLOOMS did not renegade on was the keeping and upholding of best practices in the area of our facilities: the entire complex was completely re-furbished, 64 toilets made new again and ALL the classrooms were made children friendly enhancing and stimulating learning!
  • The management of the Academy also discussed the establishment of a FULL BOARDING SCHOOL: “THE BLOOMS COLLEGE”. Today, it is a standing reality!



This department of education has been greatly strengthened at Blooms Academy as it has proven to be enhancing learning activities in the children. It is with great joy I report to you that our children had fun while learning through this mode.

The Academy organized Learning Outside The Classroom [LOTCs] for the children during the term that ended today.

  • On 29th November, a group of students from the Secondary Section visited the French Embassy, they were given a warm reception and they came back learning new words in French Language.
  • Mid November, a group of students went to visit a factory producing plastic and synthetic materials within Abuja metropolis. They learnt about production processes, marketing of goods and environmental impact of industries on our community.
  • As part of the Post-Examination activities, some pupils travelled on train from Idu Station to Kubwa. They were taken round the station and one of them was made to speak on phone to a train driver at Kaduna!
  • Career Talk was held on Tuesday, 12th Core professionals from the military, the medical field, a chartered Accountant, a seasoned banker and a seasoned PhD journalist (Dr. AMAECHI ANAKWE of The Africa Independent Television (A.I.T.) spoke with the children. The people that came are all parents of the Academy and spoke passionately to them. At the end, the interests of the children were raised towards some professions and most importantly, the need to be focused on Academics was enhanced.
  • Inter-House sports Competition: To enhance all-round development of the children, some of them were made to participate in a competitive Inter-School Relay Race. They did not come back with any position, but the exposure was worth it.
    Exam In Progress

    Exam In Progress

    Exam in Progress2

    Exam in Progress

  • Coding Programme: The Academy made available our computers for coding activities to students. Already, some of the children are designing stuffs that will be interesting to Microsoft.



It is my sincere joy that our children and the parents are enjoying the shuttle service operated by the Academy. Currently we run the following routes:

  1. Sun City
  2. Games Village- Durumi- Area 3.
  3. Sunny Vale- Kabusa Estates
  4. Lokogoma – Apo.

We hope to create a new route based on demand from parents which is THE PROPOSED ROUTE 5: CITEC –LIFE-CAMP, GWARIMPA.

To make this route work, we need a minimum number of six children.


  • Resumption: The school resumes on Monday, 8th January 2018.
  • Entrance Examination into J.S.1 and J.S.2 is on Saturday, 17th February at 9:00am prompt.
  • THE PRINCIPAL’S COMPLIMENTARY FORMS: Twenty Admission Forms into the College/Academy [J.S.1 & J.S.2] will be given freely to our existing parents in January of 2018 on the basis of FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.
  • Take-Home Test: Each child is given a Take-Home Test on key subjects; kindly support them to complete all the assignments while at home. They will be graded on resumption.
  • Parents should please go through the EXAMINATION QUESTIONS of the children. This will show remarkable changes that have taken place in their academic work.
  • New Prefects were inducted on Friday, 15th
  • Holiday Swimming: Swimming continues during the holiday. Interested pupils are welcome to the pool.


I want to thank the parents that attended the Career Talk, Christmas Carol and other activities. For your time, patience and commitment to Blooms Academy, I am saying THANK YOU SO MUCH and THE LORD BLESS YOU TREMENDOUSLY.


I sincerely wish all the children and the parents a MERRY CHRISTMAS and PROSPEROUS YEAR 2018.

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