Newsletter for September 2017



It is my joy and sincere happiness to welcome all the children back to school and to a new Academic Session after a well deserved long vacation.  It is also my joy that the children rested and caught some fun while on holiday and there is nothing as good as the children being made very happy and joyous.

I want to specially welcome all the NEW PUPILS/STUDENTS coming into the Academy; it is a measure of trust and confidence reposed on ‘’your’’ Academy and the hard working staff; we shall not disappoint you on your choice.

I will like to give special recognition to the students that participated in the last Summer School Programme. They had formal lessons, learnt new skills in coding and programming; arts and music; swimming. They went on excursions and had lots of fun.

At this juncture, I cannot but appreciate ALL the PARENTS for their continued support, unalloyed loyalty and useful suggestions in making our Academy a household name within the FCT and beyond! Your supposed little suggestions have brought us this far and made us a reckoning force within the industry. The leadership of the PTF is highly appreciated for their coherent and constant support to the Academy.


Academy students having classes in the college

Students having classes in College

The leadership of the Academy has ensured that best practices are put in place for the children; their status, esteem and potentials must be enhanced until they become the best of the best. We want the ‘total child’ to be developed and this will make them to stand tall with their colleagues anywhere in the world. To ensure that our aims are achieved, we have taken bold steps at the following:

• All the classrooms were refurbished and totally upgraded during the holidays.

• There are 64 toilets in the school and ALL of them were changed with new toilet seats.

• The entire complex was repainted in and out with the classrooms wearing friendly colours.

• The air-conditioners in all our buses were serviced and kept at required standard.

• Classroom air conditioners were serviced and replacements were made for the old ones.

• NINE new experienced teachers have been recruited to boost teaching and learning at the Academy, they will work across the board.



To put our children on a competitive edge, ‘’your Academy’’ is registering with UNESCO for technical supports on Mathematics from P1 [Year 1] to the Senior Secondary level. The support will be comprehensive; ranging from training of Mathematics teachers to supply of instructional materials, physical training of the pupils/students at the Academy and many other benefits.  The icing on the cake is, as we progress in the relationship, our students will participate in International Competitions on Mathematics and thereafter win scholarships into prestigious Universities across the globe!Secondly, the British Council has appointed Blooms Academy as the coordinating school for schools within the FCT and Kaduna state. This is by no means a small achievement; special recognition by the British Council is significant to the status of the Academy.

New clubs to boost the growth and development of the children have been introduced into the co-curricular activities. In addition, the table-tennis has been put in place for use of the children.

One of Blooms Academy female student went to represent Nigeria in Morocco in August of 2017 at an International Lawn Tennis Competition. Miss Onoja came back as the BEST In Africa for her age grade!

In the last PTF meeting, I humbly told the parents that come September; we are starting Senior Secondary Programme. Today, it is a reality. The students are enjoying their lessons and they are doing very well. We have students in S.S.1 and S.S.2 i.e. Year 10 and Year 11. Blooms College, a full fledge Boarding School has come into play. It is a staggering reality and I sincerely appreciate all the parents for their support in making this project a reality. The College is purpose built and it is powered by Solar Energy, this will enhance 24Hours e-learning programme as power outage is totally eliminated! In addition, the Boarding facilities are suites with reading facilities provided in hostels for Take-Home Tests.


  • The Academy now runs the Senior Secondary Programme, there are students presently at S. S.1 and S.S.2
  • We solicit parents’ co-operation towards registration for the British Checkpoint Examination for the J.S.3 {Year 9} students. We are yet to get the actual fee from the British Council, but, it will be sent to the concerned parents immediately it is obtained.
  • A data bank of past QUESTIONS and ANSWERS has been opened for the J.S.3 {Year 9} students on BECE, CHECKPOINT Examinations. This will boost the performances of the children and as well reinforce their confidence in the Examinations.
  • Another QUESTION BANK has been opened for the Senior Secondary students on WAEC, IGCSE, UTME {JAMB}. Students will start to work on these questions as from S.S.2 {Year 11}.
  • We shall commence PRE-SAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS Examinations for the students at the Senior Secondary very soon. These Examinations will give them opportunities for overseas scholarship and International placements.
  • The children at the Academy will participate in SIX NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS this Academic Session, as they unfold, we shall communicate to the parents adequately.
  • Academic Result Slips shall be posted online. Each child will be coded with a PASSWORD and USERNAME; the codes will be posted to the parents and ONLY the PARENTS with the codes can access the results.


  • There shall be an Exhibition Day during the Second Half of the Term. Children will showcase their talents in Arts, Music, Science, Technology, ICT, Sports e.t.c.  There will be more communication on it later.
  • We have hired a Lawn Tennis Coach to train the children. It is a fee paying programme to all the children that are interested, it will be on Wednesdays during Clubbing period.
  • A tour of Blooms College, Karu was made recently by students from Year 5 to Year 10. They had their lessons and lunch at the College in Karu. They love the facilities and most importantly the noiseless environment because the entire college is powered by Solar Energy. This enhances constant e-learning and e-teaching.



Blooms Admin Block


  • This Term is a Standard Term, it has FULL THIRTEEN WEEKS. We resumed on the 18th of September and we are closing on the 15th of December, 2017. Children are going to be fully engaged throughout.
  • Booster Lessons will commence in THIRD WEEK of the Term after the identification of areas of need. It will be at no cost to the parents.
  • National Day Celebration holds on Friday, 29th September. The actual day falls on a weekend, we welcome parents to celebrate with us and rejoice together on behalf of our dear nation.
  • International Teachers’ Day will be marked at the Academy on 5th October.
  • Mid-Term Break is on Thursday, 2nd and Friday, 3rd November, 2017.
  • CHRISTMAS CAROL holds on Friday, 15th December 2017. All parents are cordially invited.
  • The Term ends on Friday, 15th December immediately after the CHRISTMAS CAROL.


The Academy and the officials of Parents-Teachers Forum are enjoying a cordial and mutual relationship. The parents are supportive and they frequently offer resounding suggestions that will grow the school and as well bless our children.  We look forward to a more fruitful year and a blessed relationship.It is with profound joy that I want to announce to parents that the discussions held with the PTF Executives were carefully looked into and the Academy is favourably disposed towards the children and the parents.

  • DISCOUNT: The percentage of discount given to parents with multiple children has been raised to 10% on tuition. This will take effect from the Second Term.
  •  UNIFORM PRICE: The prices of the SHIRT and SHORT {NIGERIAN FABRIC ONLY} have been reviewed from N5, 000:00 to N3, 000:00 and N5, 500:00 to N3, 500:00 respectively! Parents that have bought it at the OLD PRICE just need to add N1, 000:00 more and collect another one.
  •  The next PTF General Meeting comes up on Saturday, 14th October 2017. Time is 10:00am prompt.


  • Parents are encouraged to bring the children to school on time; it improves their value system when they are punctual to school.
  • Only the recommended uniforms should be worn to school with neck ties, black school shoes and pure white stockings.  On sports days, white canvas and white socks should be worn with the sportswear.
  • Female students should always make their hair before coming to school. Hair extensions [ATTACHMENTS] and other accessories are strictly prohibited!
  • Boys should have neat and decent haircut. It enhances their appearances as well as their status.
  • We encourage parents to adhere to the recommended dress code for each day.
visit to college

visit to college

CONCLUSION: It is my sincere hope that as parents and the Academy work together in harmony, our children will constantly win. I appreciate your supports.

John Ogungbenro,








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